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2013 | ARE GALLERIES STILL RELEVANT? Ann Demeester, Jeanine Hofland, Lisa Panting, Victor Gisler

ARE GALLERIES STILL RELEVANT? Constant reinvention is necessary

Galleries have been demonized very often as a result of the speculative excesses of the higher end of the market. This situation tends to ignore the value of medium and small galleries for the general welfare of the artistic ecosystem. The success of these kinds of galleries is more important to the overall art system than the sometimes crazy transactions at the top end, namely big brand galleries and auctions. How can this be better communicated to the public at large?

On the other hand, the traditional operating model of art galleries is increasingly being questioned. Depending on specific economic and socio-political circumstances, hybrid models have emerged as an answer. Are these models sustainable? Why are they succeeding?

Moderator: Ann Demeester. Director of De Appel arts centre and head of De Appel Curatorial Programme, Amsterdam.
Speakers: Jeanine Hofland, founder and director of Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art, Amsterdam; Lisa Panting, co-director of Hollybush Gardens gallery, London; Victor Gisler, founder and Director of Mai 36 Gallery, Zurich.

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