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Matt Mullican is an american conceptual artist Matt Mullican who's work have centred on explaining how the world is ordered since the 1970s. By means of a specially developed system, Mullican combines "everything with everything else" and "orders the world" with a view to understanding and explaining the entire universe. His cosmological model is designed to answer "the big questions in life": Where do I come from? Why do things happen as they do and not in some other way? Where do I go when I die?

Matt Mullican has selected five banners for the Böhm Chapel exhibition. All five banners have the same square shape and a blue, black, red, yellow and green border. The symbols themselves are black and white circles -- Mullican's personal model of a cosmology. Both the symbols and the colours are of great significance. The banners in the Böhm Chapel are hung from left to right, allowing them to be read easily. Perceived in this way, the first banner symbolises the subject, the second language, the third art, the fourth the world -- and the fifth brings together four elements.

We met Matt Mullican at the Böhm Chapel in Cologne, where his work COSMOLOGY was presented by the Jablonka Gallery, Cologne. Over 40 minutes we talked about his work and here is a short extract!!

A film by Ralph Goertz
© IKS-Medienarchiv 2013
filmed with AF 100 / ARRI LWZ / Schneider Cine Xenar

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