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Visionaire 64 ART John Baldessari Blue Edition

Visionaire 64 ART in collaboration with legendary conceptual artist JOHN BALDESSARI marries modern technology with old-world process, pop culture with high art, digital with analog. The issue is divided into 3 editions: Red, Green, and Blue. Each edition contains 10 loose 12X18 inch black & white portraits with embossed color interventions by John Baldessari. Sold separately in a limited quantity of 500 numbered copies. The case converts into a horizontal or vertical display using the built-in foldout stand. The Green edition features Gisele Bundchen, Maurizio Cattelan, Drake, Julianne Moore, Scarlett Johansson, Bill Cunningham & Antonio Lopez, Neil Patrick Harris, John Waters, Lionel Messi and Yoko Ono. Created in partnership with leading innovative technology company Samsung Electronics, Visionaire 64 ART exploits the current ease of digital and emailable self-portraits with the time-honored craftsmanship of printmaking. Co-founders Cecilia Dean and James Kaliardos brainstormed with Baldessari at his Venice Beach studio and conceived of an issue comprised of self-portraits (aka “selfies”) transformed into art with Baldessari’s “color interventions”. Baldessari remarked, “I’ll probably be most remembered for putting dots over people’s faces, so it’s funny to do an issue devoted to selfies of famous people.” Visionaire then invited a roster of contemporary personalities to contribute self-portraits that were printed in black & white on high-quality archival paper. The images were then altered with embossed shapes and colors created by Baldessari. Dean commented, “Self-portraiture has existed since mankind’s earliest visual records. And, now we live in an age of self-celebration and constant surveillance in which nearly everyone carries some form of camera. It seems ironic and hilarious that an artist so famous for putting dots over people’s faces would devote an issue to the technology that celebrates face-time.” The Visionaire partnership embodies Samsung’s passion and commitment for enriching people’s lives through art and culture by crafting meaningful and innovative products. Through this partnership, both companies work together to break down creative boundaries and build diverse communities dedicated to imaginative, original, and passionate expression.

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