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Ernst Caramelle

Since more than 40 years, Ernst Caramelle is questioning reality and illusion in the context of art in various media such as painting and wall painting, drawing, photography and video. The conceptually justified work deals with aspects such as the production, reproduction and perception of art and its reception. In colored, usually geometrical forms and with duplications, reflections and varied repetitions, Caramelle's painting describes spatial perspectives broken by different perspectives. The result is a spatial illusion, whether on wood, paper, cardboard or the wall, which allows the transitions to flow visually into each other, blurring the boundaries between reality and illusion. The fresco-like murals made of watercolors also have an illusionistic effect: their geometrically abstract shapes simulate three-dimensionality and thus depth of space by means of a perspective representation, so that the boundaries between the exhibition space and the painted space appear diffuse.

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