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Poppy Jones

Poppy Jones works offer a set of personal fragments, an abbreviated autofictional record of the culture at large. Her process is led by intuition and the paintings emerge from the artist soaking up impressions of the things that surround her and photographing them. Their photographic origin lends them a poignancy – they capture a time of day, the angle of a shadow, dust motes in a ray of light.⁠ A windowsill, an open book, a zipped jacket, a lit candle, flowers drooping in a vase. Her works present a kind of incomplete inventory, a partial view, or a portrait of someone just out of shot.⁠ Jones works on silk, suede or cotton, in canvases sometimes cut from her own garments or items she has sourced online. These materials are often true to the images themselves as well as being connected to her life.⁠

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