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Raúl Cordero

Raúl Cordero’s paintings are rooted in an awareness that the medium of film, with all its possibilities, has a far greater effect on present-day perceptions than images like photographs have. Consider, for instance, the immediacy of the internet. Indeed, video art was an important focus of Cordero’s work for some ten years, before he shifted his attention to painting instead. Cordero’s paintings are based on a fundamentally conceptual approach and, yet, at the same time, they reflect his love of melancholy, introspective painting. His interest in the point at which a work actually begins, and the processes and ideas it undergoes on the way to becoming an artwork, is expressed in the descriptive annotations and multilayered references to other media and artworks, which the frame of reference in his painting keeps in constant motion, without end. —Axel Jablonski

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