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Rémy Zaugg

Rémy Zaugg was one of the most radical Swiss artists of our time. His works and writings are among the most profound reflections on our perception of the world. The image is a privileged platform for existential research by the artist since, in its spatial individualisation and immediate presence, it inevitably contributes to individual perception. The traditional status of the image as an exemplum in western culture virtually predestines it to throw light on general statements through concrete individual cases. Yet Rémy Zaugg's images, which give the non-mimetic medium of language the standing of an independent visual element, nevertheless refer to the impossibility of closing the gap between thought and sensuous perception. Throughout his forty-year career that began in the 1970s, Zaugg remained preoccupied with human perception. His paintings, works on paper, public sculpture, architectural design, curating and criticism explore how vision and consciousness are linked. He is best known for text-based paintings in various languages.

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