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Jürgen Drescher

Jürgen Drescher's artistic work is characterised by a concern with everyday objects, which he transfers either directly – in the sense of “objects trouvés" that are already transferred by the artist's gesture into "ready-made" objets d'art. His videos are similarly produced in that he puts existing film material into new contexts and gives it a new interpretation. Since the 80s Jürgen Drescher has taken everyday objects and situations as his departure point for investigating contemporary modes of existence. For some years now, Jürgen Drescher has been combining this practice with an approach characterised by scepticism and mistrust of social regulations and commercially orientated agreements. He initially attracted attention with his aluminum casts of everyday objects, which are essentially hyperbolic sculptural metaphors. The alienating effect of the casts reevaluates the familiar objects and invests them with new layers of meaning.

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